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Catunambú Doesn’t Just Sell Coffee – They Sell a ‘Cup of Coffee’


Catunambú Doesn’t Just Sell Coffee – They Sell a ‘Cup of Coffee’


When you think of coffee, one of the first countries that comes to mind for many would be Italy. Over the past few years, I’m sure that you have heard of coffee made from different animals’ droppings and we are seeing a lot in the news about different ‘local’ blends. Today we would like to introduce you to a 117 year-old Spanish brand of coffee that is taking the world by storm called ‘Catunambú’. Catunambú don’t just sell coffee and coffee machines, rather they sell but a perfect ‘cup of coffee’ each time.

Catunambú Story

Catunambú is a 100% family owned company, operating since 1897. Catunambú is the name of an Indian tribe in Columbia and also the name of a town in Columbia. This is the place where the founder Juan Ferrer selected the very first beans from. The coffee is roasted in Andalusia in the South of Spain.  The family says “We are Spaniards who migrated to Columbia and then returned to Spain”.

The company takes a pride in doing its best to produce a delicious, stable and reliable coffee. Among other things, this means buying the beans directly from farmers and hand-harvesting the beans so that only ripe, red cherries are plucked. The beans are then washed and slowly roasted in a traditional way for 24 minutes to extract maximum flavor.  This is in comparison to the average approximately four minute roasting process for many modern coffee factories. Thanks to the maximum use of 9 up to 12 coffee bean origins, Catunambú stands for a delicious, stable and reliable coffee with only 1,5 mg caffeine! Finally, the coffee is packed in a three-layer pack to retain the full flavour.

Quality Guarantee

The popularity of Catunambú has already led to the sales all over Spain with expanding sales throughout Europe. Catunambú was selected as one of the top-seven best coffees at the Horecava Fair in Holland in January 2012.

The beans that go into Catunambú coffee have been selected by some of the best coffee minds on the planet.  They have sourced the best beans and then using the best equipment and technology, along with Catunambú’s traditional roasting processes, it’s tough to find a finer grade of coffee.  People who purchase Catunambú coffee can be sure that there is quality and quality control along every step of the process leading up to their cup of coffee.

Thanks to the positive introduction by THA in Thailand (September 2013) and the enthusiastic response of visitors from other Asian countries we decided to establish Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd. and to introduce Catunambú on a wider scale in Asia. The unique Catunambú coffee with 117 years roasting experience in Spain is now also available in Asia.

The Catanambu blends are very complicated.  Years and years of research has gone into the blends that will be selling in Thailand.  You can’t do that with just beans from one market.  They come from all over the world and then are roasted in Spain and then packed with nitrogen so that there is no spoilage.

The perfect time to drinking the coffee will be within 6-7 weeks of packing – so perfect.  By the time it arrives in Thailand, it will be the ideal time to consume the coffee.

Special Blends for the Asian Market

Catunambú’s Ms. Sunee Sundisamrit has travelled to Spain and has hand selected specific bean blends that she believes Thais would love, especially with ice-coffee in mind, as this isn’t very common in Europe.

The new blends that have been developed are now selling well in Thailand.  So much so that now the Thai ice coffee blends will be selling in Europe in the coming months.

What About Service?

According to Catunambú roasting a perfect coffee only is not enough to serve a perfect cup of coffee. The coffee machine and the maintenance, use and treatment of the machine is also having an important impact on the final product; a perfect cup of coffee! For this reason a dedicated service and training center has been set up to secure that the Catunambú customer network will serve a perfect cup of coffee, each cup again!

Catunambú has their own service teams that will be on call. Catunambú’s CEO Mr. Jaime Borras Martinez says:

“Our customers include coffee shops, large hotels and boutique hotels.  They need to be confident that if anything happens, they will be able to get service fast. Catanambu won’t sell coffee to areas where service cannot be provided. If you want to sell quality coffee, you have to sell the whole thing and that includes service.  Catunambú Coffee is an extremely high quality and complex cut of coffee that has taken many years to develop.  You can’t get that from just anywhere.”

Thanks to the long lasting history over 117 years in Europe, Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd. can offer under their private label “La Venezia Express” a wide range of the best European coffee machines on the planet including, along with after-sales service and training of baristas and service personnel at their gallery and training center in Bangkok, Catunambú looks set to make a good impression in the Thai and Asian market, ensuring that every cup maintains the same quality for their customer’s guests.

People make the difference! Besides the attention for quality the personal involvement is considered as an important USP. The local distributor, the importer for Asia (Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd.) and the Catunambú company operates as one team with the advantage to be close to the market and to act and deliver in line with the special demands for each Asian country.



Catunambú en el Coffee Show China

Estos días se esta celebrando en China el #CoffeeShowChina 2014. Y como no podía ser de otra manera, Catunambú tenía que estar presente. Aquí van algunas fotos de nuestro representante Juanma Cafeína dando una exhibición de como hacer un buen café.


Fotos China web 1

Fotos China web 2

Fotos China web 4

 Fotos China web 3


Nuevo acuerdo para Catunambú


Nuevas noticias para Catunambú!

En la reciente feria FHA 2014 (Food Hotel Asia), en Singapore, nuestro consejero  delegado, D. Jaime Borrás, firmó un nuevo acuerdo en Asia, concretamente para China, expandiendo nuestro café cada vez más, desde Andalucia hasta el resto del mundo. 





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